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Personal Development

I found this Personal Development plan worksheet on Pinterest. I want to fill it out, break down big steps into little steps, make some habits…. but the things I want to improve on, I have no idea what the steps are. 

I want to improve my

  • social interaction in general… to talk smoothly, without having to search for words I know that I know.
  • verbal expression ability – to be able to talk like a used car salesman – to be able to speak as well as I write. My problem is that words don’t appear in my mind when I talk so I sound like a 2-year-old, but they flow when I write.
  • to know how to network comfortably
  • to not loathe chit-chat and be an interesting person without scaring people off
  • to be better at changing focus smoothly- maybe change topic once an hour?
  • to be able to handwrite while remembering what is being said to me while I’m writing
  • to be able to remember, period
  • to be able to adapt to change without having a mini panic attack
  • to be able to adapt to sudden changes without having to stop to reorder everything in my mind, which causes people to think I don’t want to do it
  • maturity – a lot of times I feel so immature compared to other people my age. I guess having kids and being married matures you, but still, I have seen a lot, done a lot – so I don’t know why I’m still naive or “not with it”.
  • to know what is appropriate to say or do in different environments with different people

    So how do I start? How do I break these down into actionable tasks? It’s so frustrating, these issues have plagued me all of 2016 and all of my life. They have held me back, made me unpopular, have caused professional agony. I can’t anymore. I want to resolve them, once and for all.


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